ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) is the largest and oldest civil engineering professional society in the U.S. With a community of over 150,000 members ASCE is a leading provider of civil engineering content, technical and professional conferences.

ASCE’s Deep South Conference is compromised of 13 ASCE student chapters. The conference is coordinated by a  different host chapter each year with the help of ASCE section members. The conference allows participating students to compete in a series of civil engineering inspired events to text the knowledge they’ve acquired through their coursework. Deep South will consist of 5 student competitions and 2 social events.

Where ?

Why ?

Deep South is intended to give students an opportunity to showcase the knowledge and skills they have acquired through their coursework. It is also an opportunity for professionals to come get involved with the next wave of young engineers. Deep South allows students to come have fun by engaging in friendly competitions but also network with attending companies.