2021 Pacific Northwest

ASCE Student Conference

Hosted by the University of Washington


Welcome to the Official Site for the 2021 ASCE Pacific Northwest Student Conference!

Conference Dates: April 15-17 2021


  • The conference will be held in Remo
  • Remo conference links are in meeting link tab!
  • USEI Surveying Competition is canceled due to a lack of interest.
  • TSDB Competition is cancelled due to a lack of interest.

Important Information (Please Read Carefully)

  1. The calendar invitation will be sent out shortly after this email. If you prefer to manually subscribe to the calendar, please subscribe here. Meeting links and information will be found in the calendar event and our website.
  2. All participants, judges, and guests are highly encouraged to attend the opening ceremony and the awards banquet. There will be local band music, multiple speakers, interactive social activities, and tutorials on how to use Remo.
  3. The presentation order will be unveiled during the opening ceremony and it will be mentioned again during the captain’s meeting.
  4. One person in each team is required to attend the captain’s meeting. You will have an opportunity to talk to judges about any questions, issues, and concerns you may have. Judges will also share how the presentation will be graded and walk you through the presentation process.
  5. All presentations will start from the very beginning of the competition. Please promptly login and join the meeting at least 5-10 minutes before the competition. Teams are free to join/leave the presentation at any time.
  6. The virtual office hour will be available throughout Saturday 9AM-2PM (please check the calendar for updates). Multiple civil engineering companies will be giving a presentation about their company’s history&value, ongoing projects, and job application process.
  7. Most importantly, please have fun and be ready to talk to strangers! We have a Lunch Social and YMF Happy Hour event planned for you to get to know random people from different schools, backgrounds, and experiences. We highly recommend joining these events.

2021 Competitions List


  • Technical Paper (Mead):
    1st place –  Gonzaga University
    2nd place – Oregon Tech
    3rd place –  University of Washington
  • Environmental:
    1st place –  Portland State University
    2nd place – University of Portland
    3rd place –  Saint Martin’s University
  • Sustainable Solution:
    1st place –  Portland State University
    2nd place – Caroll College
  • Concrete Canoe:
    1st place –  University of Washington
    2nd place – University of British Columbia
    3rd place –  Portland State University

Days until the Conference!