Concrete/Steel Golf Competition

Competition Date:
March 14, 2020

Competition Location:
Memory Mall

Competition Schedule:
Concrete/Steel Golf Schedule

Concrete/Steel Golf Rules


Q: For the club, I know that it said we can’t use and adhesive and that the club must be 100% structural steel. However I was wondering if we can put a golf grip on it in order to better wield the club like how all clubs do?
A: The golf club must conform to the standards outlined in section 2.3 of the rules. A golf grip would not conform to the material specifications in this section.

Q: If we can find golf shafts or heads that are made of structural steel can we salvage those parts and use them in the competition?
A: The golf clubs must be composed of 100% structural steel (i.e. structural steel used in constructing the AISC Steel Bridge). Teams will not be permitted to use preexisting golf club heads or shafts in the construction of their golf club for competition use.

Q: For the ball, are we allowed to include fibers in our mix?
A: There is no restriction placed on the mix design of the concrete golf balls. If fibers are used in the mix design, they must be visible in the cross section provided to the judges (refer to section 2.2).

Q: Will the chipping course dimensions remain as posted or are they subject to change?
A: The dimensions for the chipping course will remain as they are in the rules sheet.

Q: Are there any technique restrictions for the chipping course besides what is posted ? Is a backswing required?
A: There are no technique restrictions for hitting the ball.

Q: Can the steel golf club have a “head” at both ends of the shaft and still be considered to be within competition rules?
A: As long as it your club fits in prismatic box described in the competition rules sheet.

Q: For Steel Golf are we able to use add mixtures to the golf ball? If so, is there a list of ones that we can use?
A: There is no restriction on the mix design of the golf balls.